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"Welcome to JustPressRec. We are a Media, Branding & Film agency. Here we strive to achieve nothing but excellence. Being at the top of the game is our desire and our mission is to deliver the best, most creative and moving images one can experience."   -JPR TM



Product Development

"We understand product, no matter what this product is. We understand it will need a visual concept for it to launch to the world and pick up traction, to eventually generate sales and most importantly to leave a mark on the user, or to even generate a fan base, a following, loyal customers"

Brand Partnerships

"Is an achievement to create a company or come up with a great concept for a product. Now you have to leave a mark, get people to notice & remember you, via web, print, visuals or any other media. Pitch us your product to see the possibility of joining forces, and cover the expenses of all production with your sales. We keep growing, we keep earning together"

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What we do


We know our way around creating commercials & films. Tell us your concept and we will get it up on its feet, no matter how complicated it may be or what the budget is. With C500 Canons, REDs, Gimball’s and much more, we have your back. See our Commercials.


As a creative agency and Video production company all wrapped in one, we can help with Pre-production, Production & Post Production. We have great equipment at hand and great craftsman with the know how. From Location, Casting, Editing, Motion Graphics, Voiceover, and Coloring we have it covered.


Need a new Logo?, a new hat? a T-shirt?, Motion Graphics? or need to design a new custom image for your clothing line, product or Brand? How about a gallery or product presentation via Projection Mapping?. With designers and artists on deck, let us handle that.


Your product is ready to hit the market, now all you might need is for it to be captured in a way it will sell, be it food, clothes or a drink, we can photograph it and give you the tools you need to put it for sale or create your brand image with it on brochures or Web.

  • Excellent job guys on Videos, Brochures, Photography & Cinematography, very creative. Many more clients to come.

    Sergio GilCoBrnd
  •                       Excellent work. Creative, moving, effective and what we were looking for. Excellent quality Production and final results.  

    Chan AndreVPi Ent
  • Great to find you guys, terrific shorts and looking forward to having them air on DirecTV & ATT. A small/Big company on the rising. Looking forward to more from these guys  

  • Awesome stuff, thanks for the work with The Game’s music video and assisting. Find more at ModerArtists.TV  

    Aaron Green/Matt AlonzoModern Artists
  • After 3 Sleepless nights prepping for the production of our promo commercial, I can finally lay my head to pillow with a smile on my face. I believe the magic Santiago Salviche & JPR were able to visualize, create & capture will truly propel FATE to the next phase of its evolution.  

    Chris Viltz | CEOFATE Fitness
  • After of 4 years working together in several projects, is a pleasure to see JPR’s creations come to reality. Happy to achieve great results with this team. More projects to come. For more info on Zynderia visit Zynderia.com  

    Jose Chairex | CEOZynderia Productions

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Our work

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  • Santiago Salviche Mañana sera otro día
    Tomorrow Will be another day on ShortsHD DirecTV and ATT
  • Fate Fitness Qimmah
    FateFitness IG 2015 Campaign no 6
  • Fate Fitness Qimmah
    FateFitness IG 2015 Campaign no 5
  • Fate Fitess Fit Expo 2015
    FateFitness IG 2015 Campaign no 4
  • LADS 2015 440x440
    LA Dope Shop 2015 Campaign
  • UPTIME Original 440x440
    UPTIME Energy Commercial #1
  • Tucker 440x440
    Tucker Barkley Dance
  • Fate Fitness by JustPressRec
    Fate Fitness by JPR
  • Emporio Armani Concept 440x440
    Emporio Armani
  • UPTIME 440x440
    UPTIME Energy Drink product shoot
  • SBS Thumbnail
    Stock Building Supply Commercial Marketing Tools
  • Fate Fitness Anywhere JustPressRec
    Fate Fitness Anywhere No 3 by JPR
  • Fate Fitness 2 Keep Going
    Fate Fitness Keep going No 2 by JPR
  • FateFitness
    Fate Fitness 15s | IG Project
  • Unknown-4
    Nuvem Cloud
  • Branding 2
    Market Decor
  • 1 Feature 4 Shorts Laemmle Theaters
    1 Feature 4 Shorts Laemmle Theaters
  • El Hefe 440x440
    Riot Hospitality Group and El Hefe
  • the Game project cover
    The Game JustPressRec + MA: The Game ‘Or Nah’ Music Video
  • Shanna Lowder 440x440
    Shanna Lowder
  • Toccara Jones JustPressRec
    The Fabulous Toccara Jones
  • RyanMcD 440x440
    Ryan McDermott A beautiful way
  • EDL Hospitality Group Cake Nightclub 440x440
    EDL Hospitality Group Cake Nightclub
  • JustPressRec Productions - Films, Commercials, Branding and more. See more of our films 440x440 b
    Jessica Vergas
  • Jessica Vargas 1 440x440
    Jessica Vargas 1
  • Take6 The Series 440x440
    Take6 The Movie
  • LADS 440x440
    A day in the life of LADS
  • Piserra 440x440
    Piserra Architects
  • Sigraf 440x440
    Commercial: Sigraf
  • Larenz Tate The Directors chair 440x440
    Larenz Tate The Directors chair
  • Shayton 440x440
    Shayton Supercar
  • Lexington 440x440
    Lexington Social House
  • LADS 440x440
  • Calabasas Motor Sports CLM JustPressRec Cars and coffee
    Calabasas Motor Sports
  • RyanMcDermott Paradise
    Ryan McDermott Paradise (LIVE)
  • Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 2.44.25 PM
    Sarati Directors Cut
  • LADS Gives back 440x440
    LADS Gives back (Documentary)
  • Mercado Negro Feature image
    Logo & Branding
  • CoBrnd 440x440
    CoBrnd | Art work & Web design
  • THE PAINTER Film screening in DirecTV CH 573 and ATT U-Verse CH 1784
    THE PAINTER Film screening in DirecTV CH 573 and ATT U-Verse CH 1784
  • Engage 440x440
    Engage on DirecTV and ATT U-Verse
  • JustPressRec Film Reel 440x440
    JustPressRec Film Reel












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