JustPressRec + Armani B&W concept

Great working with the team @ JustPressRec, Miss Korea Jennifer Lee & Adrian Rodriguez on this production. Thanks to Chan Andre & VPi for the art direction & impeccable light work. enjoy!

CoBrnd + ElHefe

Great to work with the Riot Group from AZ. Check the commercial we put together for them with

CLM + JustPressRec

We had the great pleasure of working with Calabasas Luxury Motors. Cars and Coffee, a quick sprint through

JustPressRec + Take6 | The Series | TV

What are we up to?… JustPressRec + Take6 | The Series | TV  (Click here) Directed by: Santiago Salviche. Written by: Devon Libran. Cast: Maximilian Law, Devon Libran, Tasha Wrobel, Caroline Le Duc, Carl Cloud, James Rollyson, Tyra Young. Produced by: Santiago Salviche, Maximilian Law. Director of photography: Nate Cuellar. Assistant Director: Manoel Hudec. Unit

JustPressRec + Toccara Jones | Shows |FabulousToccara TV

Hello Family, So we are busy again with Ms. Toccara Jones, we are in the works in the lab on a little surprise for you all fans out there. Keep an eye open. JustPressRec + Toccara Jones | Shows |FabulousToccara TV In the meantime, we leave you with the start of JustPressRec TM

JustPressRec + CoBrnd | Collaborative branding

JustPressRec + CoBrnd | Collaborative branding. A game changer marketing agency, covering clients nation and world wide, heading

Team ProCreate

Here at JustPressRec we are constantly looking for talented people. Thanks to the team at ProCreate, we are

JustPressRec + Shanna Lowder | Project Her

Great production work from the team bringing you JustPressRec + Shanna Lowder | Project Her. Hope you enjoy!. JPR TM

JustPressRec + Tucker Barkley | Music

JustPressRec + Tucker Barkley | Music in action. Behind the scenes @ vpientertainment Photo session. Director: Santiago Salviche DP:

Shayton Equillibrium concept car

Hey you all. Proud to present to you a great piece worked by our editor Oton Baçar. Enjoy!

JustPressRec + LADS | LADS GivesBack | Docs

Family, do check the great gesture LADS put together last week in JustPressRec | Docs| LADS GivesBack. It was a pleasure to document this one. Action was taken in the art of giving, and doing. 150 Burguers, clothes and water were taken to Skid Row, with the help of great people, the team of LADS,

JustPressRec + Larenz Tate | The Diretors Chair | Docs

Hello familia. JustPressRec + Larenz Tate | The Diretors Chair | Docs was a blessing to shoot. We packed cameras on the set of Making Papers with actor/director Larenz Tate. Watching was inspiring to us all, so here is our vision of the behind the scenes. Enjoy!   JustPressRec TM

JustPressRec + Ryan McDermott | Music | Unplugged

Hey folks, A great pleasure to work with musician Ryan McDermott and JustPressRec + Ryan McDermott | Music | Unplugged. His talent is a joy to watch live, record and share with the world. Watch for his single ‘Paradise’, and his upcoming work. His chill session coming up in the next few weeks, we are hard at

JustPressRec + Jessica Vargas | Project Her 2

Jessica Vargas kills this Production in JustPressRec + Jessica Vargas | Project Her 2 Enjoy! Director/Editor: Santiago Salviche Music: Hanni El Khatib Coloring: JPR TM Gear: 6D 50/35/85mm Zeiss CP.2 Model: Jessica Vargas JPR Studios

JustPressRec Reel (The Painter | Engage | Mañana sera otro día)

See a preview of our last 3 shorts. JPR Reel (The Painter | Engage | Mañana sera otro día) We worked hard to bring you these adventures, drama and action. Hope you all enjoy, catch them in festivals in the US and some parts of Europe. Thanks for the support,   JPR TM